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Dental Hygiene Associates, Inc. (DHAI) is the non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation for CDHA; all donations are tax deductible.


The most current objective is raising funds for dental hygiene student scholarships. DHAI plans to fund future scholarships for dental hygienists to advance their educational goals. DHAI also serves as a grant administrator for hygienists and components.


  • To increase public access to quality dental hygiene and preventive services by licensed dental hygienists.
  • To encourage and promote professional advancement through scholarship and quality research, in collaboration with CDHA.
  • To broaden the capabilities of dental hygienists, thereby strengthening health manpower resources and creating alternate employment opportunities for licensed dental hygienists.
  • To solicit and receive donations for scholarships and for the support of dental hygiene research promoting public welfare.
  • Act as an organization according to IRS Code Section 501( c)(3) and to operate as a subsidiary organization of CDHA according to IRS Code Section 501 (c)( 3).
  • Promote community-based interventions and prevention of oral disease toward advancement of oral health.


The Board consists of the CDHA Immediate Past President, the CDHA Secretary/Treasurer and three CDHA members at large, whom are appointed by the CDHA President. The elected CDHA officers shall serve with their term as officers of CDHA until their successors are elected and qualified. The three members at large shall each serve a three year term, non-concurrently.


Lygia Jolley, Chair

Lisa Okamoto, Member at Large

Dani Ieremia, Member at Large

Carrie Sharp, Member at Large

Yvette Warren, Chief Financial Officer

Lygia Jolley, CDHA Immediate Past President

Julie Coan, CDHA President, Ex-Officio

Vickie Kimbrough, RDH, MBA, PhD, Secretary, Ex-Officio


Cora Ueland was founder and first director of the USC Dental Hygiene Program. She was director for 28 years, 1928-1956. Ms. Ueland received her dental hygiene certificate in 1920 from the University of Minnesota. She went on to earn her Master’s Degree from USC.

During her tenure at USC she served as ADHA President from 1929-30. During her Presidential Address at the 1930 ADHA Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado, she challenged the attending educators to “produce women who can educate and think in terms of highest service and that education is not a static thing, but is ever changing to meet the requirements of the people.” Her address further stated, “that we urge members of our profession everywhere that ours is a needed and important profession, and that our responsibility is as great as that of any other line of human endeavor.”

It was during her time at USC the Cora Ueland Loan Program was created for students to assist them in times of financial need. This loan program was transferred to CDHA and subsequently became a scholarship program which continues to this day.

To carry on the goal of Cora Ueland to support and encourage dental hygiene students DHAI actively promotes and requests donations from anyone interested in dental hygiene students and education.

Cora Ueland Winners 2017

Valerie Hernandez Blouin Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry USC

Allison Yochim University of the Pacific


Donations are tax deductible and can be made anytime.

Please make donations by check payable to DHAI

Mail to:

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