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President’s Message

Prospering through Collaboration!

Happy First Anniversary to CDHA –  your bipartite dental hygiene association. With the transition and past behind us, it is time to focus our attention on the present and future of Dental Hygiene in California. The single most important thing I have learned during my 23 years in the profession is the need for collaboration and partnership. No single entity experiences ongoing success and prospers on its own.  CDHA and all our members need to build relationships and partnerships with organizations sharing similar goals. It is equally vital to engage in conversation with those associations with differing goals from CDHA and our members.

At the 2017 House of Delegates, much of the discussion revolved around the future of CDHA. In order to clear ongoing hurdles — such as access to care, the restriction of services provided by the RDHAP, scope of practice and labor issues – it is essential to enlist the cooperation of other healthcare organizations. To ensure the future growth of our profession, it is vital for CDHA to form collaborations with medical, dental and political leadership and begin the hard discussions on access to care and the role of the Dental Hygienist. CDHA recognizes the unique qualifications of a college educated RDH in providing essential health services to the population of California: The future is sharing that knowledge with those in positions to create change. Without change, many people in our state will continue to live with undiagnosed and untreated oral health conditions which impact their overall well-being.

The success of the dental hygiene practice is dependent on the participation of all Dental Hygienists in California. Your CDHA leaders work every day to move the profession forward, but we are only one part of the solution.  As we embrace our present and work to ensure our future, the importance of membership is stronger than ever. Be a part of the solution. Have a voice in the discussion.

My chosen motto for this year is “Prospering Through Collaboration.” Collaboration within and outside CDHA and the profession of dental hygiene. I invite all dental hygienists to be a part of this movement toward a stronger profession and, more importantly, a healthier population.

CDHA proud, CDHA prospering, CDHA NOW!

Lory Laughter, RDH, MS
CDHA President