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Your Voice in Dental Hygiene

Your Voice in Dental Hygiene

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Support of Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 19, authored by Senator Nguyen and co‐sponsored by CDHA.
SCR 19 would declare March as Periodontal/Gum Disease Awareness Month.

SCR 19 is fast moving and scheduled to be heard as early as Monday, March 13!

What to do

1. Go to
2. Enter your address; click on “locate,” and then on your senator’s name. 3. This goes to your senator’s page; click on “contact me,” “email” and a message form should pop up.
4. Enter the following information on the form:
Your name and address
Pick a subject: SCR 19 (if it is one of the options); if not, “other” or “Discuss a bill”
5. Copy and paste the following information or compose your own message. Example:

Dear Senator_____,

Please vote in favor of SCR 19 (Nguyen) declaring March as Periodontal/Gum Disease Awareness Month.
The California Dental Hygienists’ Assn, the California Society of Periodontists, and the Orange County Dental Society all collaborated in bringing forward this resolution. As you can imagine, such collaboration is rare and points to the importance of this issue.

The goal is to raise the public and legislators’ awareness of how common gum disease is, as well as the negative impact gum disease has on many chronic systemic diseases which decreases overall health and increases healthcare costs for both the public and the state.

This resolution is one small step to improve Californian’s health literacy, hopefully leading to improved healthcare policy outcomes, and a lower economic healthcare burden to California.

Please vote yes on SCR 19.

Thank you,
(Your Name) (Your City)