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Fall Scientific Symposium - 2023 Course Description and Learning Objectives

Bodies on Fire! - How Chronic Oral Infection Ruins Our Health and Shortens Our Lives, Presented by Chris Kammer, DDS

Course Description:

The purest path to complete body health begins in the mouth. However, healthy mouths appear to be unattainable, judging from the constant oral disease rates over the decades. The profession of dentistry has failed the people! Two of the most out-of-control health afflictions (caries and periodontal disease) are still treated in much the same way that they were 100 years ago. That’s insanity, and it should be unacceptable to the profession. The change that has to happen is here now and will be presented. Be forewarned that it is so revolutionary that it will divide the profession like the red sea. If you want to be on the right side of history, this presentation is a must!

Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze why the traditional mechanical (drill and fill) caries management approach is doomed.
  • Identify the oral bacteria that leads to the destruction of our teeth, gums, and bone support.
  • Determine how to control the oral bacteria that leads to the destruction of our teeth, gums, and bone support.
  • Discover how naturally reducing oral infection and gut inflammation can reduce a whole host of common chronic health problems.

Dementia Prevention for Clinicians and Their Patients, Presented by Anne O. Rice, BS, RDH, FAAOSH, CDP

Course Description:

Over 46 million people in the United States have Alzheimer's disease starting in their brains- silently. The disease begins as many as 20-30 years before symptoms of memory loss appear and opportunity abounds for prevention. Optimizing lifestyle is imperative and using multidisciplinary approaches that includes us-dental providers yields the best results.

In this program attendees will learn evidence based, safe ways to not only live longer lives but better lives, encouraging a longer brain span. There will be unique information to used inside and outside the operatory.

Taking care of our brains takes perseverance but the rewards can last a lifetime. How we live our lives today impacts our tomorrow's. You'll be challenged and revered for your role as a healthcare provider and clearly understand how your talents not only change patients’ lives but may very well help reduce their risk of cognitive decline.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand Alzheimer's disease and its association with different etiologies and pathophysiological processes including the role of oral bacteria, yeast, and the herpes virus.
  • Discover how heart health, hearing loss, genetics, insulin resistance, diet, exercise, and sleep impact the risk of cognitive decline.
  • Utilize current preventive strategies to reduce your own personal risk and then relate that information to your family coworkers and patients.

Redesigning the Health History for the Oral/Systemic Practice, Presented by Susan Maples, DDS

Course Description:

Have you noticed that health histories have taken an insignificant place in the routine preventive appointment?   There is a way to create an experience that stimulates meaningful dialogue between the hygienist and patient—one that helps the patient take a significant step forward in their desired oral and systemic health goals. In this talk you will discover a new paradigm in health history review, how to incorporate any necessary screening tools and how to build a true advocacy relationship between you and your beloved patient.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review facilitation skills for stimulating health change behavior.
  • Learn how to uncover your patients’ current priorities and the impact change will have on their personal outlook.
  • Discover how to use an interactive written health history that gives patients “Ah-ha” moments about their own risks for oral and systemic conditions/diseases.
  • Learn when to introduce a more focused screening tool for major metabolic and lifestyle-related diseases such as OSA, Type 2 Diabetes, Reflux and Chronic Systemic Inflammation. 
  • Witness an effective model for the hygienist-to-doctor handoff in the periodic exam.
  • Reignite your passion for helping patients take significant steps toward optimal health.

To learn more about the speakers and read synopses of their sessions, please visit this page.


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