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Student Events

CDHA is proud to provide opportunities for students to advance their future careers as a dental hygienists. Thanks to student memberships and special events for dental hygiene students, student engagement with CDHA is educational and beneficial for all.

To find out more about CDHA's student membership program, click here:


Annual Student Professional Association (SPA) Meeting

This event includes topics such as the importance of CDHA for the dental hygiene profession, labor law for the California dental hygienist, mini Board review quiz, panel interview with registered dental hygienists who utilize their licensure outside of the general dental practice setting, and meet CDHA's sponsors. This event will be free for all student members. Become a member now!

Student Poster Competition

Each spring, the Student Poster Competition provides hygiene students a fun and creative way to exhibit their innovative ideas and unique talents. Through an engaging, spirited contest, students each year use this opportunity to present research and information that reflects an area of dental hygiene significant to them, to their patients and peers.

CDHA collaborates with the California Dental Association (CDA) in judging poster sessions and awarding cash prizes at the close of the Spring Scientific Session. Abstracts of the 1st place posters are published in both the CDHA and CDA journals. 

The 2024 Spring Scientific Session and Student Poster Competition is scheduled for May 17, 2024, location to be determined. Check back later for poster submission details and information.


Student House of Representatives

The Student House of Representatives (SHOR) takes place prior to the House of Delegates (HOD).

SHOR is free for all student members. Please check back for more information including registration.

SHOR and HOD is an awesome experience for every student to start their professional networking process and learn how CDHA conducts its annual business, which shapes the future of their profession!  



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