Insurance for CDHA Members

Outstanding disability insurance coverage is vital to the dental hygienist.  If you’re sick, injured or on maternity, group disability insurance with CDHA keeps your income coming when you need it most.  CDHA offers group policies for short term disability, long term disability, and supplemental life and accidental death & dismemberment…all at group discounted rates!

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Not licensed in California?  Not to worry!  CDHA group policies cover out-of-state licensed hygienists.  To qualify, select the Professional Member type.  Out-of-state hygienists select the “CA00 Out-of-State Component” option.

Summary of Benefits

The Summary of Benefits document for each policy includes the Benefit Amount, Elimination Period, Maximum Benefit Duration, Standard Provisions and other FAQs.

Short Term Disability

If you’re sick or injured, you can keep income coming with group short-term disability income insurance with CDHA.  Short-term disability insurance replaces part of your paycheck for a limited period— usually nine weeks to a year—so you can focus on recovery with less concern for your finances.

Sample Rates:

24 years old with a $50,000 annual income: $16.73/month

39 years old with a $65,000 annual income: $17.25/month

Benefit Amount:

60% of salary up to $1,800 per week

Complete Summary of Benefits – Short Term Disability Insurance – DOWNLOAD

Long Term Disability

Long-term disability income insurance protects your income if an on- or off-the job incident prevents you from working for an extended period. If you’re injured or become disabled—whether from a sudden accident or chronic condition—long-term disability income insurance with CDHA replaces part of your paycheck until you reach normal Social Security retirement age.

Sample Rates:

24 years old with a $50,000 annual income: $20.00/month

39 years old with a $65,000 annual income: $60.13/month

Benefit Amount:

60% of salary up to $7,500 per month

Maximum Benefit Duration:

If disability occurs at age 59 or less, maximum payment duration is to social security normal retirement age.

Download the long term disability Summary of Benefits for Maximum Benefit Duration for disabilities that occur at age 60 or later.  There is no age limit to sign up for long term disability.

Complete Summary of Benefits – Long Term Disability Insurance – DOWNLOAD

Supplemental Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Protect your family’s financial future with supplemental life insurance. This important coverage can help ensure your loved ones stay financially secure even after you’re gone.  Supplemental group life insurance through CDHA provides financial protection beyond what is offered by your company. You’ll get term life insurance, but at group rates that are lower than you’ll find on your own.

Sample Rates:

                $20,000 Policy                $50,000 Policy

Age 25                $3.70/month                $9.29/month

Age 35                $4.30/month                $10.75/month

Age 45                $5.50/month                $13.75/month


Increments of $10,000

Guarantee Issue: