Join the CDHA

Dental Hygienists are integrated into the healthcare delivery system as essential primary care providers to expand access to oral health care. Vision Statement 2015

Promoting Oral Health

CDHA actively participates in promotional events throughout the year. In addition to the National Children’s Dental Health Month (February) and the National Dental Hygiene Month (October), the CDHA:

  • Provides oral health education and screenings for children;
  • Sponsors dental care and preventive sealant clinics for under served children;
  • Works with seniors citizens programs to offer screenings and oral health education;
  • Collaborates with the corporate community to publicize the benefits of good oral health and increase awareness of dental hygiene services;
  • Develops and distributes public service announcements; and
  • Promoting the fluoridation of drinking water to prevent tooth decay.

Professional Growth

These communication mechanisms keep CDHA members knowledgeable and informed about the profession.

  • CDHA supports rigorous educational and licensing standards for all dental hygienists.
  • CDHA supports the continuing education of its profession for relicensure.
  • CDHA authorizes and supports continuing education seminars provided by regional components and study clubs.
  • CDHA provides professional growth through two annual scientific sessions, presenting the newest information on dental hygiene techniques and technology.
  • CDHA has 25 regional components and several study clubs.
  • Local components serve the needs of members with educational seminars, business meetings, social events.
  • Most components provide published or e-newsletters for their region.
  • CDHA also provides scientific journals annually as well as e-colleagues newsletters to its members.
  • CDHA gatherings offer an opportunity for camaraderie and networking.