Legislative Advocacy

CDHA: The Voice of Dental Hygiene in California

The Government Relations Council (GRC) of CDHA represents the interests of CDHA in legislative matters affecting the licensure and practice of dental hygienists in the state of California. We are your Voice and attend all meetings of the Dental Hygiene Board of California (DHBC), the Dental Board of California (DBC), as well as legislative hearings on bills important to the profession of dental hygiene.

We are fortunate to work in collaboration with our political action committee, CalHyPAC and our legislative advocates, Aaron Read Associates, LLC., one of the most prominent legislative advocacy firms in California.

Bill Watch

CDHA works to improve the oral healthcare of Californians by increasing access to services of dental hygienists. Here is an update on the key bills that CDHA has been following and working on.

AB 138 (Bloom) Community Health Fund

  • Would place a $0.02 per ounce tax on sugar-sweetened beverages and concentrates

  • CDHA Recommended Position: Support
  • Status: in Tax and Revenue Committee

AB 764 (Bonta)

  • Sugar-sweetened beverages: non-sale distribution incentives

  • CDHA Recommended Position: Watch

  • Status: 9/15/2019 failed deadline, now a 2-year bill

AB 766 (Chiu)

  • Unsealed beverage container portion cap
  • CDHA Recommended Position: Watch

  • Status: 2-year bill

SB 154 (Pan)

  • Silver Diamine Fluoride

  • CDHA Recommended Position: Support

  • Status: 9/17/2019 – Enrolled and presented to the governor

SB 347 (Monning)

  • Sugar-sweetened beverages safety warnings
  • CDHA Recommended Position: Support

  • Status: 2-year bill

SB 677 (Allen)

  • Retail food safety: non-latex gloves
  • CDHA Recommended Position: Watch

  • Status: Approved by Governor 9/5/2019, filed with Secretary of State 9/5/2019

AB 316 (Ramos) Medi-Cal benefits and beneficiaries for special needs

  • Would allow four Medi-Cal dental visits per year for special needs patients and provide reimbursement to providers

  • CDHA Recommended Position: Support

  • Status: 2-year bill

AB765 (Wicks)

  • Healthy Checkout Aisles for Healthy Families Act

  • CDHA Recommended Position: Support

  • Status: 2-year bill

SB 66 (Atkins and McGuire)

  • FQHCs (Federally Qualified Health Centers) and RHCs (Rural Health Clinics)
  • CDHA Recommended Position: Support
  • Status: Failed deadline 9/1/2019, now a 2-year bill

SB 228 (Jackson)

  • Master Plan on Aging

  • CDHA Recommended Position: Support
  • Status: 9/17/2019 – Enrolled and presented to the governor

SB 653 (Chang)

  • Expanding access to oral health

  • CDHA Recommended Position: Call to Action – Need many letters of support sent to legislators over the next 6 months. All RDHs and supporters are needed to help with this effort.

  • Status: May 2019 converted to a 2-year bill in Appropriations Committee to allow CDHA time to work out cost concerns and other issues

SB 653 – Extending the Dental Team Into Our Communities

SB 653 Dental Hygiene Fact Sheet

We are seeking support from physicians and public health clinics and can send interested parties more information.

Legislative Day

Stay tuned for more info in 2021.

Learn more about Legislation and CDHA

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CalHyPAC Fundraiser Walk

Thank you to those that attended the CalHyPAC fundraiser walk at the California State Capitol! CalHyPAC raised $8,392 during the House of Delegates raffle, silent auction, fundraisers and walk!

Aaron Read & Associates:
Looking out for CDHA

Meet the CDHA Legislative Advocates

Aaron Read & Associates, LLC. (ARA), now in its 41st year, has earned a reputation for honest, effective and aggressive work on behalf of its clients. Located across the street from the California State Capitol, ARA has grown into one of the most influential lobbying firms in California. The Legislative advocates within ARA have more than 250 years of collective lobbying, campaign and public relations experience. The relationships that ARA has built and maintained since conception in 1978 allow clients unparalleled access to key stakeholders in California.

In addition to a strong bipartisan advocacy team at ARA, the firm also provides public relations, grassroots organization and strategic planning. Building on hard work, honesty and integrity, the firm stands ready to assist its clients at many levels. ARA has a long history of employing the highest quality methods to deliver their message honestly and effectively.

CalHyPAC: Keeping our Political Voice Strong

CalHyPAC is the California Dental Hygienists’ Association’s Political Action Committee, a separate entity from CDHA. The PAC establishes relationships with California legislators who believe that dental hygienists are an important and essential part of the health care system. We support candidates for the California Legislature who believe in our interests, concerns, and goals. CalHyPAC is an essential part of CDHA’s government affairs program and is the only Political Action Committee that represents California dental hygienists.

Other News

CDHA and other stakeholders strongly objected to the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) distribution of 2017-2018 Tobacco Tax Funding in the California budget, which did not include any preventative oral health procedures.

As a result of this feedback, the DHCS proposes to use 2018-2019 Tobacco Tax Funding to provide supplemental payments for the top utilized dental services, including periodontal services and adult preventative services. Look for a DHCS bulletin itemizing this year’s distribution no later than September 30.

A Southern California judge recently ruled in favor of Registered Dental Hygienists in Alternative Practice (RDHAPs) seeking to stop the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) policies jeopardizing the health of fragile patients and access to the services of RDHAPs. DHCS is appealing the ruling and also proposes to file a State Plan Amendment (SPA) to get federal approval for those disastrous policies. Opposition letters were sent not only by CDHA but by other organizations including AARP who assisted the RDHAPs in their lawsuit.