Spring Scientific Session (6 CE's) Friday, May 15, 2020

The Spring Scientific Session and Poster Competition has been CANCELLED due to the COVID-19 Virus. If you already registered, please stay tuned for information on your registration cost.

Join us Friday, May 15, 2020 for the Spring Scientific Session. Two exceptional speakers will present topics on your employee rights as a hygienist, to incorporating millennial and baby boomer health and lifestyle trends to your patient education strategies.
The program also includes Student Poster Competitions, Marketplace hours with exhibitors, prizes and MORE!

Anaheim Marriott

700 West Convention Way
Anaheim, CA  92802

Speaker Biographies

Betsy Reynolds, RDH, MS

Armed with degrees in dental hygiene and oral biology, Betsy presents scientifically-based dental and dental hygiene continuing education programs nationally and internationally.  Avidly committed to making the dental sciences understandable and relevant, Betsy devotes time and energy to developing courses designed to enlighten and inspire clinicians.  Betsy lives in her home state of Idaho where she enjoys hiking, biking, gardening and taking in the breathtaking scenery with loved ones.

Heather Giammichele, Bureau of Field Enforcement Deputy, CA Labor Commissioner's Office

The mission of the California Labor Commissioner’s Office is to ensure a just day’s pay in every workplace in the State and to promote economic justice through robust enforcement of labor laws. By combating wage theft, protecting workers from retaliation, and educating the public, the CA Labor Commissioner’s Office puts earned wages into workers’ pockets and helps level the playing field for law-abiding employers. Ms. Giammichele is a Deputy in the Labor Commissioner’s Bureau of Field Enforcement Office.

Millennials, Meet the Boomers! Generational Considerations in Rendering Comprehensive Oral Health Care

In order to better understand how formative experiences such as world events or technological changes shape the ways people see, interact and are affected by our ever-changing world, demographers classify generations based on a range of birth years.  The baby-boomer generation includes those people born between 1946 and 1964.  Due to their sheer numbers, baby boomers dominated American culture for decades. Everything from the economy to popular music has been shaped by this group from the moment they were born. As they age, baby boomers will continue to shape the U.S. economy, and with longer life expectancies, baby boomers are not just living longer, they are remaining active and working longer. Officially defined as those people born between 1981 and 1996, millennials are quickly becoming the biggest worldwide population cohort and one that will shape much of what the future holds in the areas of communication, business, entertainment, and health care.  Much can be learned from both of these generations!  Come prepared to laugh and learn as we explore these two diverse generations.

Following this presentation, course participants will be able to:

  • Recognize differences in communication styles that impact patient education strategies.
  • Understand oral and systemic ramifications of today’s lifestyle trends in boomers and millennials.
  • Incorporate age appropriate oral healthcare recommendations.
  • Devise appropriate treatment strategies based on generational needs.

Know Your Employee Rights (Everything Your Employer Doesn’t Tell You)

It is important for both the hygienist and the employer to understand basic labor laws and employee rights, how they apply to dental hygienists, and where to go for clarification and/or help if necessary.  The Know Your Employee Rights session will touch on the following topics and more, and then open the session for Q&As:

  • What the Department of Labor Standards Enforcement does for you
  • Compensation for hours worked and overtime pay
  • Exempt/Non-exempt Salary
  • Are hygienists independent contractors or employees?
  • Reporting time pay and allowed time off work
  • Meals, rest periods and state mandated paid sick leave
  • Do hygienists get paid for lunch meetings or after work meetings?
  • Do hygienists have to clock in and out when there are “no-shows?” Engaged to wait vs. waiting to be engaged
  • Do hygienists have to accept a reduced rate of pay during a “no-show” appointment?
  • Termination requirements and Statute  of Limitations

Student Poster Competition

The Student Poster Competition gives hygiene students the opportunity to exhibit innovative ideas and talents related to oral hygiene. CDHA encourages all programs and students to utilize this opportunity to present research and information reflecting an area of dental hygiene significant to them, to their patients and peers.  

Interested in viewing the presentations? Table Clinics are available for public viewing – and include 1 CEU!

CDHA will be collaborating with the California Dental Association (CDA) in judging poster sessions and awarding cash prizes to winners. Prizes in each category are awarded at the close of the Spring Scientific Session. In addition to the prizes awarded, abstracts of the 1st place clinics will be published in both the CDHA and CDA Journals.