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CDHA Foundation

California Dental Hygienists' Association Foundation (CDHAF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Initially formed in 1986 by fifteen California hygienists as Dental Hygiene Associates, Inc., it was awarded the Health Manpower Project #139 to validate the unsupervised dental hygiene practice. It paved the way for the RDHAP license. Today, the CDHAF raises funds to encourage and promote professional advancement through scholarships and quality research. The Foundation also serves as a grant administrator for hygienists and local components, focusing on community-based programs to promote public welfare.

CDHA Foundation Programs

Cora Ueland Scholarship

Cora Ueland served as the founder and first director of the University of Southern California (USC) Dental Hygiene Program for 28 years, from 1928 to 1956, and concurrently holding the position of President of the American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA) from 1929 to 1930, she played a pivotal role in shaping the profession.

Diana Corley Scholarship

Diana Corley's dedication and leadership in the San Diego County Dental Hygienists' Society is commendable. She received her dental hygiene degree in 1971 from Wichita State University in Kansas and became a CDHA member in 1992. Upon moving to California, she contributed significantly to the dental hygiene profession. Notably, she led with grace, enthusiasm, and determination, mentoring numerous new leaders not only within the San Diego component but also making a broader impact.

Grant Administrator (Community-based)

Managing organizational grants effectively ensures that donations are spent appropriately and transparently. If you need specific information or assistance regarding grant administration or have any questions related to your services, feel free to provide more details or ask for guidance!

CDHA Student Poster Competition

The CDHA Foundation is an annual sponsor of the Student Poster Competition. The CDHA Student Poster Competition is in conjunction with the Spring Scientific Session. It provides dental hygiene students a fun and creative way to exhibit their innovative ideas and unique talents. Through an engaging, spirited contest, students each year use this opportunity to present research and information that reflects an area of dental hygiene significant to them, their patients, and their peers.

Mary Fadhl Research Travel Grant

The Mary Fadhl Research Travel Grant stands as a beacon of inspiration, embodying Mary A. Fadhl's enduring legacy and vision for the future of dental hygiene. By supporting students and fostering a culture of research excellence, this grant honors Mary’s contributions and propels the profession toward new heights of innovation and knowledge. Let us continue championing Mary’s ideals and shaping a brighter future for dental hygiene education and practice.

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California Dental Hygienists Association Foundation (CDHAF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. FEIN 95-3532416.

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