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Keeping our Political Voice Strong

CalHyPAC is the California Hygienists' Political Action Committee, a separate entity from CDHA. The PAC establishes relationships with California legislators who believe that dental hygienists are an important and essential part of the health care system. We support candidates for the California Legislature who support our interests, concerns, and goals. CalHyPAC is an essential part of CDHA’s government affairs program and is the only Political Action Committee that represents California dental hygienists. You can engage in the political process – and make a difference – by contributing to the CalHyPAC.

The PAC consists of six to ten CDHA members. The committee meets once a year at the office of our legislative advocacy firm, Aaron Read and Associates. The PAC is sustained by contributions and income from fundraisers.

A well-funded PAC helps us show strength in numbers and a commitment to engage in the political process.

Who Can Contribute?


It’s easy for an individual to make a contribution to the CalHyPAC. Just click the button below and follow the prompts to fill out a contribution form. 



Contributions to CalHyPAC are considered voluntary political contributions and may not exceed $8,100 from a single source in a calendar year.

Contributions to CalHyPAC are not tax deductible.

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