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Legislative Advocates

Advocacy is the deliberate process of influencing legislators who make decisions on issues that affect you and your profession. When CDHA members engage in our advocacy efforts, the strength of our influence grows significantly.

The Government Relations Council (GRC) represents the interests of CDHA in legislative matters affecting the licensure and practice of dental hygienists in the state of California. We are your voice and attend all meetings of the Dental Hygiene Board of California (DHBC), the Dental Board of California (DBC), as well as legislative hearings on bills important to the profession of dental hygiene.

We are fortunate to work in collaboration with our Political Action Committee (CalHyPAC), and our legislative advocates, Aaron Read & Associates, LLC. (ARA), one of the most prominent legislative advocacy firms in California.

About Aaron Read & Associates, LLC.

ARA has earned a reputation for honest, effective, and aggressive work on behalf of its clients. Located across the street from the California State Capitol, ARA has grown into one of the most influential lobbying firms in California. The Legislative advocates within ARA have more than 250 years of collective lobbying, campaign, and public relations experience. The relationships that ARA has built and maintained since conception in 1978 allow clients unparalleled access to key stakeholders in California.

In addition to a strong bipartisan advocacy team at ARA, the firm also provides public relations, grassroots organization, and strategic planning. Building on hard work, honesty, and integrity, the firm stands ready to assist its clients at many levels. ARA has a long history of employing the highest quality methods to deliver their message honestly and effectively.

Achievements for CDHA Advocacy

Below are a few highlights resulting from CDHA’s great advocacy work over the years:

  • Passed SB 653 (Chang, 2020), which improves access to preventive dental hygiene care by allowing:
    • RDHs to work in additional public health programs and apply fluoride varnish without supervision; and
    • RDHAPs to partner with dentists in traditional office settings and allowing RDHAPs to treat some of their current patients who are in an out-patient setting. The bill clarifies practices and includes safety protocols when placing Interim Therapeutic Restorations and allows for the use of soft tissue curettage and local anesthetic in RDHAP practices.
  • Passed AB 1482 (Low, 2018) which removed jurisdiction language from the Dental Hygiene Practice Act and changed the name of the Dental Hygiene Committee of California to the Dental Hygiene Board of California (DHBC).
  • Established CDHA’s Legislative Day in 2017 – CDHA’s annual member lobbying trip to the State Capitol where dental hygienists from across California come to Sacramento to advocate for dental hygiene and meet their state Senators and Assemblymembers. ARA, in partnership with GRC, orchestrates the event each year.
  • Passed SB 853 (Perata, 2008) establishing the Dental Hygiene Committee of California as an independent body focused solely on regulating the practice of dental hygiene. Established the Dental Hygiene Practice Act in state statute (Business & Professions Code Sections 1900 – 1966).
  • Passed AB 560 (Perata, 1998) establishing the RDHAP licensure category.
  • Read this article about our early work to build the practice of dental hygiene in California.


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