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RDHAP Law and Statutes Links

It is imperative that AP’s and all health practitioners be well versed in the laws and regulations that govern their practice. In spirit, the laws have been developed to protect the public. But times and situations change. Thus, the laws and regulations can and should change. Governing bodies are under no obligation to notify individual health care providers of changes or new interpretations. The AP Council will update this page when changes are apparent.

Some of the more routine portions of the law can be easy to miss or disregard. However, there are serious consequences for doing so. For instance, be sure to change your name, address (including e-mail address) within 30 days of any modification.

New Legislation

AB 1174 An act to amend Sections 1684.5, 1925, and 1944 of, to add Section 1926.05 to, and to add, repeal, and add Sections 1753.55 and 1910.5 of the Business and Professions Code, and to add and repeal Section 128196 of the Health and Safety Code, and to amend Section 14132.725 of the Welfare and Institutions Code, relating to oral health.

Overall law effective January 2015.

California Law Links

Complete California Law

Dental Hygiene Board of California Laws and Regulations

Dental Hygiene Board of California Statues Handbook

Business and Professional Code Article 9. Dental Hygienists

With special attention to sections:

  • 1902 Definitions
  • 1907-8 Functions and Limitations
  • 1909-11 Supervision
  • 1915, 25-26 Authorizations and Settings
  • 1927 Prohibited practices
  • 1928 Insurance Claims
  • 1929 Hiring
  • 1930 Consultation
  • 1931 Services
  • 1934 Changes of address(s) and name
  • 1935-36 License expiration and renewal
  • 1947, 49-50 License revocation
  • 1950.5 54,56 Unprofessional Conduct
  • 1953,55 Patient records
  • 1957 Probation
  • 1958-60 Misdemeanors
  • 1961 Unlicensed activity
  • 1962 Associations
  • 1966 Diversion and Rehabilitation

California Penal Code: Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act

Welfare and Institutions Code: Elder of Dependent Adult Abuse

Infection Control

Title 16, Division 10, CH 1 Article 1 General Provisions, Section 1005

Continuing Education

Title 16, Division 10, CH 1, Article 4, Section 1017


CDA Code of Ethics 2017

Ethics and Law in Dental Hygiene (3rd ed Beemsterboer, PL 2017)
(Text used as a resource for the RDHAP Law and Ethics Exam)

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