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RDHAP Practice Licensing


The Dental Hygiene Board of California recommends that APs keep both licenses if they intend, at any time, to work in the traditional RDH setting. An alternative might be to change the RDH license to inactive. However, this category only exempts one from the 25 hours of CE. One must still pay the fee. Thus, since the APs CE of 35 hours includes the 25 RDH hours, there would be no benefit to inactivating the RDH license. For the time being, retaining both licenses is recommended.

No, you need only meet the 35 hours required for the RDHAP.

Sole Proprietor Practice Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance

The AP Council recommends that all hygienists’ carry their own malpractice insurance. While it is true that a hygienist may be covered by an employer’s insurance, not knowing the details or limits of that coverage might result in a personal disaster. If you have chosen to have your own insurance as an employee, you may have chosen the lower cost limits of liability. In doing business as an independent contractor RDHAP, you are advised to choose the higher limit of at least $1,000,000 per incident/$3,000,000 annual aggregate.

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Business Liability Insurance

Those applying for Medi-Cal Dental Provider status may be required to have Liability Insurance to cover records and equipment stored on the premises of a service office or a home office. Home Owners Insurance may or may not be adequate for a portable practice. The AP Council suggests that the Home Owners policy information be listed in the Liability Insurance blanks until it is either accepted or rejected.

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