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Member Equipment & Supplies Discounts for RDHAPs

Join the private Facebook page to learn the latest. Request to join the CDHA Alternative Practice closed group. CDHA members will be approved. If you have items to sell or if you are looking to purchase certain practice related items, make your request known in this group.


DntlWorks (Portable Equipment)
Contact Tom Meighan at 800-847-0694 or 303-693-1410

Aseptico (Portable Dental Equipment)
Contact  866-244-2954



Paradise Dental Technology


I-Smile Dental Products
Contact Ron Johnson to set up an RDHAP account

Practice Management

Exposure Control Manual
$225 to Members-10% Discount: Contact Kathy Kane

Books from Judy Boothby, RDHAP:

A Guide For Getting Started-10% Discount
The Hardcopy Book -$85.00, E-Book Download -$65.00

A Standard of Care for Billing with Insurance Codes
Fillable forms on CE $150

Corporate Sponsor (singular)
Dental Post sm
Cloud Dentistry
California Casualty